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Future direction

GCIT is committed to the planning needs of the Gold Coast community and is excited to play a vital role in education on the Gold Coast into the future.

Key growth areas for the Gold Coast and GCIT are in the Northern corridor area as well as in industries such as the health and community services.

The importance of the role of the education sector in future prosperity.

Visit our You Tube Channel to see a video on GCIT's past and future

Visit our You Tube Channel to see a video on GCIT's past and future

Implementing a new future

GCIT's Infrastructure Plan supports the Gold Coast's vision for Education.

There are four stages to GCIT's Infrastructure Plan including the Southport redevelopment.

Stage one was completed in 2011 with the opening of the $30 million Coomera Campus.

Stage two is now underway with the redevelopment of GCIT's Southport Campus on Scarborough Street in the heart of Southport's CBD.

Stage three is the development of the GCIT purpose built Trades Training facility at Coomera.

Stage four will identify the need for additional locations in Southport, just in time for the Commonwealth Games in 2018.

GCIT will continue to have a campus on the Southern Gold Coast currently Scott Street Coolangatta with plans to co-locate in Southern Cross University's new campus.

Visit our You Tube Channel to see a video on GCIT's and the Gold Coast

Visit our You Tube Channel to see a video on GCIT's and the Gold Coast

Southport campus redevelopment

GCIT launches new facilities upgrade for its Southport Campus.

A new cutting-edge campus will begin to take shape in Southport as GCIT invests $7 million into a complete refurbishment of the Scarborough street campus.

With reconstruction already underway, GCIT will transform the campus into a vibrant educational hub applying the latest designs and technologies in education and training.

By July 2014, the campus will be an established thriving progressive educational centre that will reinforce GCIT's position as the Gold Coast's leading vocational education provider.

The restored campus will boast a fresh study centre for students, pioneering learning spaces, contemporary and modern furniture, improved IT and software, extended hours of operation, an espresso and snack bar, a brand new Cookery school of Excellence and an overall upgrade to all facilities.

  • 10,000 GCIT students now headed to Southport CBD as a study destination
  • $7million dollar scheduled to be invested in refurbishment, technologies and equipment
  • Southport is an education 'hub'
  • Improved facilities - new high-tech nursing labs
  • Improved technologies
  • Extended operating hours
  • New school of Excellence - Cookery

Future of the Southport area

  • Southport is changing and exciting times are ahead
  • Area has been identified by Gold Coast City Council as the Central Business District
  • Integration of the Light Rail
  • Opening of new Gold Coast University Hospital
  • China Town development
  • Commonwealth Games in 2018
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